Global Business Media

Print Publications

Advertising in a Global Business Media Print Publication provides a highly cost effective way for companies to build brand awareness and generate direct response.

In spite of the huge growth in online advertising there is still a great deal of demand for traditional print media from advertisers and readers alike. Many readers still prefer the experience of reading a hard copy publication over an online alternative and for the advertiser, print media advertising offers many great advantages.

The main benefit is that they can proactively target a specific audience. Global Business Media Print Publications are designed to enable advertisers to reach their target audience with no wastage because we cater to specific and clearly defined target audiences.

With cutting edge, incisive editorial content, written by leading industry commentators, journalists and thought leaders, our Print Publications target professional and commercial communities in a variety of industries, sectors and specific geographical locations. Wherever possible we endeavour to position your advertisement next to relevant editorial in order bring greater visibility to your brand.